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 Banci-099 xhtml

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PostSubyek: Banci-099 xhtml   Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:40 pm

1. apa beda . htm dan html?

1. sebenarnya sama tapi kadang pada program2 lama ada yang tidak mengenal atau tidak support extensi yang melebihi 3 digit, oleh karena itu format htm dibuat <- yakin lha, udah pernah dibahas trainer gitu

2. cara cetak tulisan seperti di editor

2. menggunakan tag <pre></pre><- yakin lha ya

3. kepanjangan xhtml

3. Extensible Hypertext Markup Language<- kalo ini byk lha ya yang dapet

4. kalau br ada atribut cari atributnya apa aja

Attribute Value Description DTD
class classname Specifies a classname for an element STF
id id Specifies a unique id for an element STF
style style_definition Specifies an inline style for an element STF
title text Specifies extra information about an element STF

5. cara tab <- ini gw lom tau apa, ada yang tau? yang pasti gak boleh pake pre

6. cara cetak spasi banyak

6. caranya dengan menggunakan &nbsp <- tau lha ya

7. kepanjangan td

7. Table data <- ini sih dikasih tau sama anak2 jadi yha percaya aja deh
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Jumlah posting : 10
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PostSubyek: Re: Banci-099 xhtml   Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:36 pm

One of the most confusing things about HTML for a beginning Web designer is the way that white space is handled. In print, the three primary white space characters act in three distinct ways, the space, the tab and the carriage return. But in HTML, browsers render them all exactly the same. If you place 1 space or 100 or mix it up with tabs and carriage returns, they will all be condensed down to 1 space when the page is rendered by the browser.
Then How Do You Get Tabs?

If you're thinking of tabs the way that word processing programs use them, markers along the horizontal axis of the page that text align to, well, the short answer is that you can't. Not exactly.

But typically, when people use tabs in a document, they are using them for layout reasons or to get the text to move over a certain amount. This you can handle in HTML.

The easiest way to modify layouts in HTML is with CSS. If you're using tabs to create columns of text, you can use div tags that are positioned with CSS to get the same effect. Or if the data is appropriate, you can use tables to align your tabular data as you like.
Moving Text More than One Space

If all you want is for your text to be moved more than one space away from the preceding item, you can use the non-breaking space. To use the non-breaking space, you simply type &nbsp; as many times as you need it. So if you wanted to space your word 5 spaces over, you would type and then your word. Note that some really old browsers will still condense non-breaking spaces down to one space, but those browsers are very uncommon now.

swt brarti gak bisa bikin tab di html ckckckc .. g cari2 dari kemaren pantes aje kagak ada
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Banci-099 xhtml
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